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I have replaced my rear right ABS sensor and cleared the codes with my new Foxwell NT630 Plus.

Now I'm still getting VSA warning light (but not ABS) and this single error and this error only:
Light Communication Device Gadget Portable communications device Font

This is the full description:
CAN line failure
Other system failure
When the other systen Unit detects Trouble Code, the DTC 91-01 might be detected with the VSA/TCS unit
Execture DTC-clear of VSA after repairing the content of the trouble code of other systems.
The trouble code is not deleted in VSA/TCS unit when DTC clear is not executed.
Fwiw none of the live data is available for any wheel speed sensor (all display 0), the steering angle sensor, the yaw etc. They're all offline so it's a short or busted unit in one of the CAN systems. I'm out my wheelhouse here, any bright ideas how to proceed?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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