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Just come back from the doctors with the little'un and found one of the garden 6x4 fence panels on top of my car. It had blown out with the wind.

Some scratches but mostly seems to be scuffing, really miffed. Damage is limited to the bonnet only, and there is a scuff under the number plate on the font bumper.

Need to take it somewhere to get quote for repairs, can someone recommend somewhere in the Wigan/Warrington area? Don't want to bother with main dealer as I know that i'll just get mugged by them.


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If its not too bad I would suggest some scratch-x and give it a polish or try some light compound to see if you can buff it out if only light scuff marks. Post some pictures as someone might give you a better solution as its hard to get a picture from words.

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I've used Anderton Automotive a few times now, and they're spot on. Just outside Liverpool city centre, so not much of a trek from Wigan.

Saved me over £400 on what I was quoted for various parts resprayed on my Accord, and I've been quoted £200 for colour coding on the Civic by them, which is a good £100 cheaper than most.

Quality work too, would recommend them.
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