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Hello there,
I am Michael from Germany (near Cologne) and I am wondering if there is someone with same problem or issue.
I own a Civic 9th gen. my 2013 (1,6 diesel) and love it very much.
I habe about 15000 km on the clock right now.
Everything worked fine until now:
If i start the car for the first time a day (engine is cold) it jerks for the first 2 or 3 km. It´s hard to describe. But when i want to move up and release the clutch slowly in 1 gear it fells like the clutch is slipping. If i push carefully the gas pedal down to accelerate it increases the problem. So i have to release the clutch without pushing the gas. If it´s engaged completely i can accelerate without problems. So i brought it to the dealership. They sayed that they couldn´t find anything, evrything ok. Does anybody know about this issue?
Thank in advance for your help!
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