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Cargiant Warranty (AA warranty) - Any experience?

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Hi all,

I'm currently in the process of buying a used 2.2 5 door civic (57 plate) from cargiant (I know, but it seemed like a good deal...) and the salesman was very pushy when it came to buying their warranty.

Now, seeing as I didn't want to commit to anything at the time I told him that I'd think about it and decide when I pick up the car. I like to think of myself as someone that can find a good deal when it comes to most things, however when it comes to warranties I become completely lost in the world of terms and conditions.

Is there anyone out there that has had any experience with cargiant and is their warranty any good? I was quoted £399 for a year(!), £549 for 2 years or £699 for 3 years warranty with up to £2000 claims limit. As a quick comparison warrantydirect offered a similar amount (£555 for 2 years), however I'm lost as to whether, when it comes down to it, it's worth the paper it's written on.

Any warranty gurus out there?
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I no expert so others may recommend more but just ensure you read the small print and ensure it covers everything even down to head gasket etc, (brought my civic in Jan, i got 2 year warranty with Marshalls of Cambridge, the Warranty covers everything but wear items, i.e. tyres, pads, bulbs)
Why not speak to your local Honda dealer, they sell there own warranty even if you didn't get the car from that dealer, when i looked into it Honda's policy was cheaper and better
As an aside, buying from a trader you have legal rights included in the purchase price:

Buying secondhand vehicles
I'd pass on it to be honest. I've heard a lot of these warranties aren't worth the paper they're printed on. There's usually something in the terms and conditions that lets them wriggle out of the majority of claims. A quick Google will reveal a great deal more unhappy than satisfied car warranty customers.

The dealer should have certain obligations during the first 3 months (or is it 6 months?) that if anything beyond wear and tear fails in that time anyway.
Had a quiet spell at work today so thought I'd look into the terms and conditions of said warranty. At first glance it all seemed ok, apart from the £50 'contribution' for each claim (although that seems pretty standard), so I thought I'd have a look at warranty direct.

They quoted me a little less but having looked at their T&Cs it appears that they cover far less than cargiant are saying, and a rather large section on what they don't cover - including damage caused by vibrations from supersonic aircraft and damage from explosions involving nuclear particles (i kid you not!).

Warrantywise was far too expensive so I'm not even considering them.

So to sum up, still clueless. Will flip a coin on the day to decide whether to go with their warranty or not bother with any. Thanks for all your input so far guys
That's extortion! I had an AA warranty on a previous car and would never do it again.

I took the car to a garage they recommended after it wouldn't start. They diagnosed the problem and then approved repairs unknown to me. They did an appalling job and used all the money from the warranty but never fixed anything. I argued politely with the AA and didn't get anywhere so cancelled the policy £50 lighter.

I'll also add they weren't very helpful when I needed the claim. Passing round departments and scrutinising every detail of my car. I had to supply tax, mot, service book, and receipt for cambelt. Fortunately for me everything was in order.
I bought my 2.2 last year from cargiant, i did not get the warranty to be honest. Not worth it.
I'd bet the warranty will exclude anything in the bell housing so the clutch won't be covered.
instead of paying for useless warranty that doesnt cover nothing in reality, just go to maindealer mate honestly ...
i will pm u my number if u want and ask for my experience with cargiant warranty
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