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CarLack 68 - Nano Systematic Care

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Just received my order of a few items from 'Clean Your Car' (Great shop BTW) and they got the order wrong, sending me CarLack 68 - Nano Systematic Care Sealant instead of Wolfs Nano Wheel Clean and Coat.. I rang them and Yes...they were aware, a mistake.."You can keep it. Our fault! .We have already sent you the Wolfs Wheel Clean and Coat".
SO..I have an AIO product (Clean, Polish, Seal) I have no experience of.
Anyone used it? ..It gets a good write up on DW as a good base for sealer or wax or even as a stand alone product after a clay session.
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That's very good them to do that, not tried it chris but try a test area on your car to compare with your usual stuff and let us know
I was thinking of giving Shaun's Bonnet a rub with it on Saturday ;)
Good stuff, can't beat getting a surprise freebie, not used it either mate...
excellent service, as normal from Tim and co @ CYC :)
NSC is a very good paint cleanser, doddle to use and leaves a good base for sealant / wax. chemically, its very similar to werkstat prime i believe, which is brill also
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