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Hi All. Opinions please if you have had similar issues.

Over the last few weeks I have come across an intermittent fault on my 06 1.4 I Shift.

Sometimes when unlocking the car, the drivers door and boot decide they do not wish to open. The 3 passenger doors always seem to unlock.

A little while back I decided to press the central locking button on the drivers door a few times. Really dont know why ?? Everything seemed fine before that day. Not sure if this is relevant.

Could this be a fuse issue, or maybe the lock on the drivers door is dodgy - new motor maybe. Bit baffled as to why it affects the boot.

I was going to try and live with it. This is the only glitch the car has in 5 years of ownership but its annoying me now.

I'm hesitating to remove the door card but hopefully a wiki on here somewhere to show me how.

Any advice gratefully recieved.


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Me Too!!!
I press the button and the other doors open apart form the boot and drivers door, works fine with the key though??? I'm now having to double check the doors locked after i've pushed the button! It's intermittent which is equally as frustrating!

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Sticking actuator or faulty wiring maybe? Do you have super locks (deadlocks)? Could be a problem with that.

Does it work everytime using the key in the door or is it intermittent like with the remote locking? Could be the control unit playing up.
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