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Hi all I have had a search round and found similar problems to mine but nothing quite the same. I`m hoping I can solve the problem myself as I really cant afford to take the thing to Honda at the moment.
A while ago the the drivers door stopped opening/locking with the fob(I think there was a few times the car was left unlocked overnight) then a few weeks later the boot stopped opening/locking with the fob. TBH I have gotten used to having to lock/unlock the car with the key but this week the rear passenger door has stopped being able to be locked/unlocked with the fob or the key !!!! Having a little boy that sits on that side, this has proved to be a bit of a pain reaching through the passenger door into the back to unlock it after only having unlocked the doors with the key of course;)

So my questions are does anyone know whats caused the problem ?

Has anyone had the same problem ?

Is it easy to fix ?

How much am I looking at to repair at honda ?

Cheers in advance
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