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Changing battery in Vauxhall Cavalier?

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Dad has an old beat up Cavalier (bought for £50). Yesterday he took the battery out to charge. He's now gone out in his proper car and blocked me in! I want to put the battery in to move it as I literally can't push this thing as it needs to go uphill.

I've opened the bonnet and there's no way to tell which is pos+ or neg-. Every car bonnet I've seen, I'm pretty sure as you're looking at the battery the neg is on the right. Is this true? There's literally no-way to tell them apart. Any help much appreciated.
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Normally the positive lead is coloured red, Negative black, but the leads on a older car may have been changed for anything that works
Follow the cables to where they go. Positive will lead to fuse box, neg will lead to body.
Cavalier = Hero's car, I love those things!!!
Plenty of them still about round my way!
Much love! x

No worries pal!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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