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Hi all,

Hopefully this is of use to someone else as I spent a bit of time researching the best way to do this. Installed today and all seems to work.

I have an 08 FN2 which doesn't benefit from factory fitted aux. Without this, there are a limited number of Bluetooth kits available, most that are cost £100+.

I happened to have an old Connects2 aux adapter (CTVHOX001) spare from my old EP2 that uses the CD changer port for audio input. The audio input is via phono cables. Connects2 sell a Bluetooth kit for around £100 whereas the phono input kit is under £35.

- First I installed the Connects2 kit as normal. Loads of guides on how to do this but basically follow the usual steps to remove the head unit and plug into the CD changer port on the back of the unit.

- Found a universal Bluetooth RCA adapter with 12v power in on eBay - cost £4.20. Unsure if we're allowed to link specific products, but searching "Car Universal Wireless Bluetooth Module Music Adapter Rca Aux Audio Cable" will provide a number of these items from various sellers. The same modules are available to plug straight into the back of the head unit. I originally bought one of these but later realised this would only work on a car that had aux enabled from factory i.e. 09 onwards. I didn't fancy dismantling and soldering the head unit to activate the aux functionality.

- Took a 12v feed from the back of the lighter in the front of the car. These can be crimped, soldered, connector blocked or simply twisted through the holes on the lighter terminal with the plug holding everything in place to make good contact.

- To keep everything tidy, velcroed the Connects2 kit and Bluetooth receiver togther and to the floor of the car to stop everything rattling around.

I now have functional Bluetooth for less than £40 - less than half the price of the Connects2 kit which essentially achieves the same thing. Sound quality seems fine, and as I already had the Connects2 kit I've lost very little if it ever goes wrong in future :)
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