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I own civic 2008 fk2 1.8l 140hp with 6gears (manual),
I bought Pure android 4.1 doubledin (same thing exactly as herewww.civinfo.com/forum/gallery/107702-my-car-log-android-4-1-double-din-speaker-upgrade-sub-reversing-cam-more.html).

Anyway, after installing everything, the radio/AC/clock/date - EVERTHING WORKS perfectly.

The engine won't start, when I turn on the ACC (one step.before ignition), all the light at the dash working as usual, but I noticed that the 'check engine ' light blinks for 5 times and then tottaly disappeared.

Right now im at the dealer abd he has no idea what could be wrong.
They plugged it to Honda laptop and no faults were found.

Any idea?
Thank you.

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there's a fuel cut off switch behind the dash drivers side ( right hand drive car ) a strong enough shock / thump can activate it
it's just a matter of pressing the switch to reset it
to get to it i think you remove a panel from the right hand side of the dash which the door covers
open the door and you should see it

a few people have managed to activate this switch when fitting a new HU it appears a strong enough thump when putting the dash back together is enough

read this thread it will tell you all about it

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