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I recently bought a 2004 Civic 1.7 CDTI SE. There are a few niggles and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas/suggestions on what to do.

1 - When I go over a speed bump faster than 10mph the front makes a scraping noise just as the wheel's go over the bump. Sounds like the front of the car is scraping the floor but I am pretty confident that they are not? It happens when its just me in the car and I am not a heavy bloke.

2 - The steering when parking seems to be quite heavy. My last car (Mazda 626) was light as in i could put my palm of my hand on the wheel and spin the wheel round. Not sure if the Civic's do have heavy steering or could it be a problem with my car?

The car had a MOT 1 month ago which it passed with flying colours so i am thinking is this something that the Civic's do or has the MOT station missed something.

Any suggestions of what could be causing these issues would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks very much.
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