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Wonder if anybody can help me, i've got an 04 plate civic ctdi that keep going into limp mode around 45-50mph when under load. If I creep the speed up I can get it to 60-70 very slowly which has forced me to go an extremely long route to work avoiding fast acceleration lanes and fast A roads.

I've plugged it into an OBD2 reader and this resulted in the following error codes:

P2413 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation System Performance
P0238 - Turbo/Super Charger Boost Sensor "A" circuit high

After searching the web far and wide I am assuming this is a stuck variable vanes issue or EGR related, so I have taken the EGR off and cleaned it. I have tried the "Mr Muscle Treatment" 3 times, going in through where the EGR pipe is removed to the turbo. Failing this twice I decided I would remove the exhaust under the car and put the Mr Muscle directly into the exhaust side of turbo in case I'd missed where I wanted. Still doesn't work! :-(

I have used some Wynns EGR cleaner through the air intake aswell hoping this may help, to no prevail.

I don't want to pay out for a new turbo ideally due to the extortionate cost involved, can anybody give me some help with any other cheap methods of investigation before I sell the heap of poo? Or maybe some help on how to remove the turbo itself so I can attempt to clean the carbon deposits that I am assuming are covering the vanes?

Thanks in advance

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The same happened to me about 6 years back when I owned a 03 plate ctdi CIVIC.

It was the turbo that was knackered that needed replacing.
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