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Hi to all Honda lovers, its my first post so be gentle :grin2::grin2::)

I have my Honda for 1year now end it's super car >:):)

But lest few months I have big problem, the engine starts hard sometimes (in moust time), but sometimes in second.

When I turn on the car in the morning engine runs not so smothly its sonuds like he is out of breath so it revs takes air to funcion.

When I drive to work rev drops to 0 when put in neutral and try to stop. Revs just drop to 0 if i brake ore dont brake no effect.

But when the car is hot it goes like crazy, no problems at all. So the problem pressists only when engine cold until gets working temp.

I have done the folowing :nerd::

-replaced new battery 75 A (tryed to restart ECU 10 min to idle, 10 min to work with all electronics)
-replaced fuell pressure sensor on fuell line
-checked injectors all ok
-fuell pump on engine clean no leaks
-spark plugs working perfect
-alternator tested all OK
-new castrol full synt 5w30 oil, air and fuell filter(ashika)

no error codes (only the error code for the outside temp sensor):serious:

PLEASE help me, In my country thare is no HONDA mechanic only for VW :grin2::grin2::grin2::) Has someone here had similar problem ?0:)0:)0:)0:)0:)0:)
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