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Good morning,

I was wondering if someone came across the problem I have, which is with the vacuum boost valve solenoid.
One day, on my Honda Civic 2.2 2007 TypeS dashboard popped up "Check System" indicator and after that, I went to the electrics to find out the problem.
They said that this problem is due to the solenoid called "Denso 480", they also said that if you change it, everything will be fine. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive.
But I read somewhere that in 2007 Civics they accidentally put these faulty solenoids and after a few months they were replaced by the new ones which are not faulty.
So I am wondering if someone knows if it is true and will the newly bought solenoid fix the problem or my money would just go to waste?
Any information associated with the experience of this problem will be appreciated. Thank you!

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