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I'm posting here for the first time and I'd like you to share your opinion on what happened to my civic.About a month ago, I smelled gas or gasoline in the passenger compartment.I thought I had a broken exhaust and that's why I got into the passenger compartment, but then I noticed that the engine was not working optimally but it was vibrating and the engine speed was unstable and it immediately gave me a check engine on Dashboard.I continued to drive like this for a few good days until I put a diagnostic tool that showed me the error PO302, cylinder 2 misfire.So last week I got my hands on it and changed the spark plug and coil spark.To my surprise, I found that the spark plug was unscrewed by the hand, being almost unscrewed,on it being the gas bubbles as well as on the spark coil (I will try to put video), after I replaced it with new parts, the problems are gone and now the car is running normally. Now I come back to you and ask your opinion what caused this spark plug to come loose and caused these problems. I have two theories, the spark plug was not tightened mechanically enough in the past.and the second is that I accidentally added 0.5ml more to the oil change and I think the oil dipstick showed me that it is over the maximum with a little not excessive and put pressure on the spark plug .I ask for your opinion because I want to know what I can expect in the future so that there are no other problems of the same situation. Thank you very much.
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