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Hi iv got 56 uk ex , and the abs lights have came on , intermittent , then permently .
Both back wheel speed sensors showing OC when read the on obd .but showing resistance on meter , chased the wiring from back wheel to under carpet in the back
Does any one know if the sensor wire runs down the middle or sill to abs pump.
Or what would show both being open circuit when they ain't .

Also obd can't read pulse from back
As they show OC on diag machine

Any help appreciated , and I'll update the the thread to help others .

Cheers .

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it might be they are showing a higher resistance than they should putting them out of spec

the resistance of most ABS sensors should be between 1k ohms and 1.5k ohms using a multimeter if the reading is higher it would explain why the diagnostic equipment reports them as open circuit

you could test the wiring by checking for continuity from one end of the car wiring to where it connects to the abs pump if you know which wire is which or test for resistance across the 2 terminals at the abs sensor end i would think you should get some sort of reading if everything is ok

there is a way of using an analogue multimeter to check if there is a pulse when the wheel is rotated using either a voltage or current reading. it has to be an analogue meter because i don't think digital meters react quick enough to show the pulse
iv'e not tried that method myself so not 100% shure about it
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