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After introducing myself, it is time to start my project page.


Honda Civic CTDI (MY06)

Skunk2 gearknob
Summer 18" black wheels with red stripe

Winter 17" Original wheels

his morning I finaly had some time to put in the new Grille!! Also thanks to the great DIY wich I found on the forum.

Here are the pica's:

Old grille in

Old grille out

New grille in

And with the hood closed:

I also had some time left yesterday evening. That's why I wrapped the ashtray with Carbonfoil

Bilstein B14PSS
Steelbraided brake lines
Type R bodykit

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Got some spare time left to work on the Civic.

*Got rid of the I-CTDI badge
*Wrapped the tankcover
*Wrapped the reardoorhandels
*Wrapped the piece just front of the ashtray

Here are the pics:

And because she's so pretty!!

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B14 pss :D = comportement is great but no comfort :cool:

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**** for the reply's

I've had the summertires fitted on my black wheels, but unfortunatly the wheels didn't fit the car. The wheels where sold to me as a pcd of 5x114,3 but ended up beeing 5x127.

Called the seller and he gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. So now I have 2 options:
1: Ultralite GT-II ET38 8,5J and 9,5J 18" (Will these fit?)

2: KEI D1 ET42 7,5J

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