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Just wanted to say hello to all?

I recently bought a 2009 Honda civic 2.2icdti ex after 18 years owning v70 petrol and diesel estates and a barking mad v40 t4 estate, all fantastic cars in my opinion.
Obviously when the time came to looking for a newer car it had to be another Volvo!
Speaking to an aa guy confirmed that they rarely pick up Japanese cars!

There was a civic for sale close to me, one drive was enough to give up the smooth auto for an energetic manual box!
I've had a few issues with it during the first month but most have been sorted out with the help of this forum, so a big thanks to all.
We are off to Germany next week (with civic) so it will be a good test as I've only drove it locally since I bought it.
I love the torque, the look, and all the toys this car has, so I am looking forward to it!
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