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As some of you know, civic mk8 with sat nav owners has the problem of loosing their (clock a/c) sub displays and main navigation screens when they upgrade to aftermarket head units.

And some of them runs projects about using their main displays for reverse cam, dvd etc. But they still can not use their (clock a/c) sub-displays

Connects2 like adapters give us to ability to use steering wheel controls but a scrambled (clock, a/c) sub display at the same time

a github user named LegatoLive started a opensource project to remapping this (clock, a/c) sub display to work properly, he seems to finish the 1/4 of the job

here is the git hub project link: https://github.com/LegatoLive/civ5d8-clm-ctrl

I have no technical skills to finish it and do not know how to apply it to our cars

Is there anyone can lead us to finish the project
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