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Wow first post here, proud to have to something to do here!

Just ordered a brand new Honda Civic Sport 2.2 diesel 5 doors.
I live in the netherlands, so its gonna be the european version, left hand drive.

Just cant stand out the 4 weeks left to wait!

But, to the point.

I want a Funkwerk carkit in my civic, either a Ego Flash of an Ego Look.
Funkwerk EGO Flash Bluetooth Carkit - Afbeeldingen - PDAshop.nl
Funkwerk EGO Look Bluetooth Carkit - Afbeeldingen - PDAshop.nl

This comes with some problems: This carkit uses the normal mute / iso cable intercepting for phone calls, but for Ad2p bluetooth streaming it uses a seperate 0,14 inch jack that should be connected to the aux in of the car radio.

Thats where te problems come in. I already figured out that I need a converter to connect it to the cd changer input of the car radio, for example with a Connects2 VHOX001, or a BlitzSafe HON/AUX DMX V.2X.

Couple of questions about this:
- Some knows a site to buy the Connects2 that ships to the netherlands?
- Should i really buy the connects2, or is the job also done with the BlitzSafe?
- Does the connects2 have a 0,14 inch jack or RCA output?
- Do these converters need an external power source in order to function?

And last about the Funkwerk Ego Look carkit (the one with the 2,2 inch color display), would this fit on my dashboard? I also ordered the so called "Honda Civic Explore Mode", which basically means rear parking sensors and a Honda styled Garmin Nüvi 355 navigation system, which is placed like http://www.honda.nl/images/car/small/compact_navi_civic_3_5d.jpg this on the dashboard.

Please respond as soon an possible since the shipping of the converter from another country will take some time, and i almost need to go directly on vacation when i get my new car. Its a 1400 km drive, and really need AD2P to survive this trip to Italy!

Thanks in advance, marco

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Just got this reply form the people at Car Audio Plus, who ship to the netherlands:

Hi There,

You should have received an email suggesting that this unit wont work with the new Honda Civic vehicles. There isnt one for that vehicle yet but Connects2 are in the process of making one.

Kind Regards

The question is, does the Connects2 CTVHOX001 fit on this car:
with this interior:
http://www.autofiel.be/wp-content/Civic/Civic int1.jpg

No cd changer, no satnav

YES OR NO :p [smilie=tongue.gif]

If no: Which one will fit for aux in ?
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