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Civic Recalls

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Hi,ive posted about this ** regarding the EPS light coming on.Ive checked on the VOSA site and it says a recall for this was for civics built from 1/9/2006 to 1/2/2006...my civic was registered on the 1/3/2006..so i reckon it falls in within the build date.I emailed Honda and was told there was no recalls issued for my car.So what do i regarding the above...cheers.
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print it off the vosa site and take it to the dealer?
Re: Recalls

Hi,tried that,it says( GOOD NEWS...your vehicles fine and requires no current work)...
pm me your chassis number, i'll check now.
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Odd !!

I can't see any recalls for EPS at all http://www.vosa.gov.uk/vosa/apps/recalls/searches/search.asp
Nonumpty, R/2006/180 "power steering may be lost".
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Pm sent...cheers
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