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hi all,

As I"m here snooping for a while, it would be nice to introduce my derv.
2008 civic 2.2 ctdi, bought ih from Germany, needed to replace clutch, turbo and exhaust manifold. So it was perfect for my "to do" list :cool:


-18" civic type r rims+225 40 r18 goodyear
-type s bodykit respray in matching colur
-front type r grill
-rear type r wing
-type r gear knob

-2din pioneer installed with fascia adapter
-infinity reference speakers F+R
-pioneer woofer
-flip key

-Bilstein B14kit with D2 camber plates(uniball) and custom mounts

-new turbo
-new exhaust manifold
-turboback single pipe exhaust
-all tensioners, pullys and belts
-all filters and oils
-sachs clutch kit with sinter plate
-remapped (dont have numbers yet)
-new battery

To do list:
-FMIC- ordered intercooler, have to buy pipes,elbows and clamps
-brakes-have left some Tarox slotted discs from my old civic ep3 type r,still need decent calipers and pads
-transmision chain kit-started to slightly rattle, so it"s time..

here"s some pics from start..

and two final pics...

p.s.- compliments on civicinfo DIY section, huge help:p

cheers from Croatia


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As quick as a remaped 2.2 is (usually just as quick as a type r), I don't agree with badging I up as something it is not.
Still looks good and you have put a lot if time and effort into it, nice job!

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thing is, type r grill has better air flow than type s grill, due to different rear housing, so it was only option, and you can"t put other bad than red one..

@farqui-someone already tried to repair old turbo, but it was disaster, so new turbo was only way to go

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FYI the Sports grill comes with open back for improved airflow.

A non perspex grill that has a close back could have openings cut out after a few minutes with a dremel.

Ah, sorry to hear about your turbo failure :(
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