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I have read the forum rules and will follow them to the letter.

I am located in Solihull and am selling my beloved Type R. Bought last year from DT Performance. My circumstances have now changed and need a larger car. I was planning on keeping the car hence all the work completed. The cars in excellent mechanical condition for the age. I usually buy cars and keep them for c.5 years hence all the work completed.
Beautiful engine, sounds absolutely incredible.
Simply the best handling car I’ve driven. Always filled at Shell & heating never used until car has warmed up.

Milano Red with full Type R GT Interior and options (which include)

CD MP3 Player
Auto Wipers & Lights
Full Dual Climate Control
Cruise Control
Folding mirrors

In addition also has;
Factory Upgraded 19 inch Alloys (Rage)
Factory Sat Nav (with full screen)
Sport fuel lid (although could do with a refurb)

Work in my ownership -

When I bought the car I treated it to a full service at Honda HQ
[2nd Feb 2019 @ 84,961]

Oil (Shell Ultra) + Filter Change (Honda)
Air filter (Honda),
Pollen filter (Honda)
NGK spark plugs (6 year life)
Valve Clearances

I also had the following done;
PCV Valve
New Clutch
Transmission Fluid Change
Driver side mirror housing renewed
SOD repair (folding mirrors)
Front Shock Absorbers
The centre silencer has a hairline crack so I had it professionally deleted (car now sounds lovely)
Rear discs and Pads (Pagid)
New drivers side door (after a car park incident)

[14th Mar 2020 @ 89,581]
Oil (Shell Ultra) + Filter Change (Honda)

Rear windows professionally tinted
Module for sidelights to run as day time running lights (also converted to LED)
Hardwire for dashcam
Interior floor mats jetwashed and detailed

My plans/bad points
Handbrake lever replacement (its cracked - really common) £50 fix
Paint Correction (only as I'm really fussy) - car has stone chips etc as expected (please message and I can send close up photos)
Set of Michellin Pilot's
Engine bay clean - again, I was waiting for summer

The car has wanted for nothing mechanically. (both keys available).

I'll really miss this car.

MOT 7 October 2020

Car is priced to sell.

Any questions please ask.

Given the current state of affairs
I'm happy to take WhatsApp calls to have a virtual look at the car and send any picture etc.
Also happy to send more pictures etc. Any questions please let me know. Would really like the car to go to a good home that appreciates her.

Details of Service History:

History is as follows (I can't seem to find the 2011 receipt);

20th Sep 2010 9,854 (Honda Inspection)
11th May 2012 28,285
21st Mar 2013 40,855
15th Mar 2014 56,757
17th Aug 2015 76,427
8th Oct 2015 (Discs + Pads)
30th Sep 2016 79,959
2nd Oct 2017 82,230
5th Oct 2018 84,104
2nd Feb 2019 84,961 See above for details
14th Mar 2020 89,581 Oil + Filter Change

03. Profile (A).JPG
03. Profile (B).JPG
03. Profile (C).JPG
03. Profile (D).JPG
03. Profile (D2).JPG
03. Profile (E).JPG
03. Profile (F).JPG
04. Wheels (A).JPG
04. Wheels (B).JPG
04. Wheels (C).JPG

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Are you living in Solihull as your profile indicates Patelj?

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And a lovely looking car if I might make so bold. :D

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And a lovely looking car if I might make so bold. :D
Lol, cheers much appreciated.

Thanks, I really will be sorry to see it go. Took ages to find one with all the options I wanted in great mechanical condition.
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