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4th service due and Honda factory service manual for civic typeR 2009 recommends the fuel filter is replaced at 50k miles, but dealership service sheet recomends 70k miles. The fuel filter is attached to the fuel pump which is accessible under the centre console as per a previous thread below. It does look labor intensive and a lot of messing about !!


Honda dealership don't seem keen on replacing it, they said it should never need replacing, but surely it can't harm doing. The better you take care of a car, the better it will run. It definately will not hurt the fuel economy if you think of it that way. Right ? And it screens out dirt and rust particles from the fuel protects the pump and engine etc. I'm no expert but it's obviously important....

If it's not broke, don't fix it but why have it listed on fixed price servicing but not on budget price servicing !?! And it states where applicable in your servicing schedule !?!


I was just wondering if anyone has had it replaced and on which service, mileage, parts and labour costs ?
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