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Well I'm doing this without his consent, but I'm sure he won't mind :p

Our very own CJ has the bona fide (as far as we know - and he's checked with Honda on their register) the oldest Accord in the UK at the moment.

I had the pleasure of helping him carry out some restoration to it recently - my close mate Captain repainted it. If you're interested, please check out the thread. You might need to register to view the pics, not sure..

1st Gen Accord Restoration - TypeAccord

The car is dry stored with a dehumidifier permanently on. He has brushes to clean inside the struts for gods sake!! You could eat off the underside it's that immaculate.

The car has a whole story about how he came across it but I'll let him tell it if anyone is really interested. Needless to say this is one very special Honda.
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