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Ive bought cheap jumpstarters/power packs a long time ago for different cars and when Ive come to need them,they could barely turn the engine over let alone start it

So for my 2.2diesel 06 Im looking at either the

Clarke 4000 £99
Starting boost 700amps,Peak amps 1500,1mtr cable,
engine starting size,petrol 4 to 6 ltr, diesel 2.5 to 4ltr
Weight 17kg

Or the

Clarke 900 £50
Starting boost 400 amps,peak amps 900.
Cable length 1mtr.
Petrol engine starting 2.5 - 3ltr,diesel 2 - 3ltr.
Weight 8.2kg.

Would either of these definitely start an ice covered civic diesel with a completely flat battery?
Is there any danger from using the clarke 4000? Is it too powerfull?

Or have any of you got a jumpstarter you can recommend
(that also fits in the sparewheel compartment)

any help gratefully recieved.:confused::confused::confused::confused:

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i use the 4000 at work to jump start lots of vehicles including a few new civics. The batteries on modern cars are only really designed to start the engine using one go, esp a massive diesel engine.
spend the extra money and get the 4000. for a diesel its the peak amps which make all the difference. and when starting from ice cold, turn off all other ekectrics like auto lights / wipers, stereo, interior lights etc.

If your jumping regularly, i would get it checked out, dont use your HID lights (if you have them) with out the engine running, they use silly amounts of power!

Hope this helps!
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