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Hi guys I had a few spare mintues today, to be exact 4 hours

I wanted to do this full monty clean last week when i picked the car up but the blooming weather put pay to that.

Here is my process if anybody is interested

Pre washed the car with Snow Foam
Clean wheels with Chemical guys Diablo Cleaner (Brilliant stuff and it smells of bubble gum Woo Hoo)
Cleaned the arches and treated them with Chemical guys Extreme shine.
Washed the car using the two bucket method with Chemical Guys Citrus wash and Gloss.
Dried the car
Clayed the car using Sonus ultrafine clay and Chemical guys Luber.
Washed and dried the car again, ( paint work feels really smooth)
Carlack 68 Scratch remover and Polish to remove the surface scratchs, ( works really well)
Glazed the car using Poorboys Black hole glaze (blooming hard work by Hand)
sealed the car using Chemical guys Extreme 3x Carnuba sealant. swiftly followed by Chemical guys XXX hardcore wax by this time I am getting really tired!!!
then the last finishing touch was to put a final coat of Dodo Juice Blue Velvet wax on and what a difference, I was not that imprest with this stuff last week as the car needed a good clean but wow it really does bring a tidy shine to the motor.
Cleaned the windows with Auto Glymm fast glass

One final whizz over with a Microfibre to buff and hey presto a super looking motor with a shine that has real depth I have posted up a couple of pics let me know what you think!

I am off for a beer and a kip now blooming shattered!

There are some great deep reflections in the paint now the best ones are of the clouds and sky from the bonnet in my opinion.

Cheers for reading this long boring to some post



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Guys can this post be moved to Car cleaning section please posted in the wrong place

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