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Hi. Ive got some problems with a Civic ESi 92. It started with a loud clicking sound from the fuse box in the dashboard. Ive localized the sound coming from the Power Window Relay according to american diagrams of the inside relay- and fuse box in a Civic 92-93 EX and Del Sol. Everything seems to match with my box. Civic 88-91 diagrams shows that this relay is to ignition switch, but the other things are more different than my box.

At the same time the headlights stopped lighting (both low and high beam). The running lights in the rear(?) is lighting, and the parking light in front is lighting.

These two things got to have something to do with each other, because when I pull out the headlight relay fuse (nr. 16), the noise is gone. May this relay be a headlight relay? How can I find a electrical diagram of the dashboard fuse box of an Euopean Civic 92-95? Does anyone here got an ESi? Or have an explanation or advices?

Thank you!

Edit. ****.. 2006+ Civic Forum. Im not allowed to ask about a 14 year older car, or?

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Firstly, check if their is any water in or around the connectors where the bulbs plug in as it is odd for several fuses to blow like this.

Any changes done to the wiring, like foglights?

You normally have one fuse for each of the following

Left Low Beam
Right Low Beam
Right High Beam
Left High Beam
Position Lights may be linked to both front and rear.

Without seeing a fusebox or wiring diagram it is hard
But you may be better off asking on a forum that is more suited to your car but we will still try to help.
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