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Hi all.

I've had a look at numerous C/C threads and it looks like a bit of a minefield.

My issue is scalding hot drivers foot-well.

I'll be as brief as possible.

Set CC on auto at 22c, system seems to get going normally until up to temp but then continues to pump out hot air to drivers side. Passenger side gets warm air but not as hot.

I've done the sensor test as described in the Wiki and get good reading on all apart from 6th sensor (passenger air mix opening) this is always 00. Sensor 5 (drivers side) gets a variety of % values depending on when I do the test.

My thoughts are that I should get the same value on both sides at all times as I do not have dual zone CC. I think this might be why drivers side is overheating.

Or, are the readings correct as I do not have dual zone and both openings take their command from sensor 5.

If someone has a normally performing non dual zone car, could do the Wiki test and publish the results this will give me the answer.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I've just tested mine, it had been standing outside for about 6 hours.

The results were:
Temperature set 22oC
sensor 1 cabin 11 oC
sensor 2 exterior 9oC
sensor 3 solar sensor 02
sensor 4 a/c output 10oC
sensor 5 drivers side FO (fully open)
sensor 6 passenger side 00
sensor 7 mode 0 %
sensor 8 recirc flap 0 %
sensor 9 vent output 64

Varying the temperature control whilst still in test mode made little difference unless set to Lo (min temp) when the following changes were noted:

sensor 5 d9
sensor 6 00
sensor 7 FO
sensor 8 FO
sensor 9 33

From previous test I have carried with a higher ambient and cabin temeratures inidcated varying settings for sensors 5,7,8 & 9 but sensor 6 was always on 00 (unless my memory has failed). The range tonight gives the min and max for 5,7 & 8. Sensor 9 gave a max reading of 97 when the temperature was set to max (HI). I believe on single zone systems the air temperature is roughly the same on both sides and is only controlled by sensor 5.

On my car the air temperature definitely reduces on the drivers side as the cabin temperature rises and when at the set temperature is only cool.

Let me know if you need any more info.

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Thanks dogder for quick reply.

From your info it looks like my reading match yours and are normal.

The passenger side value must only be active with dual zone.

How do you find your system?

I've just done a 25 mile round trip with CC set to auto 22c and by half way was unable to use the footrest to the left of the clutch or 'cover' the clutch pedal itself with my foot.
It's just too hot!
The rest of the car or even the rest of the drivers footwell is not too hot.
Putting my hands in the air flow to both sides the drivers side is definitely hotter and more intense. Very frustrating......

I was hoping the passenger sensor value would also be a variable and be the solution.
I've got access to the car tomorrow, maybe there is an obvious ducting problem although the dealer did have a quick look when I booked it in for later in the week.

Thanks again for your help.

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On mine with it set on auto and 22c after about 20 minutes I get cool or cold air from both sides and have to turn it up to keep my feet warmish. For this reason I dont use the a/c as it blows cold air into the footwell.

Do the test again, select sensor 5 and vary the temperature control and see if the indication goes from FO to 00, you will probably have to turn to LO whwn the air will come out of the dash centre vent to achieve this with the present temperatures. It may work better if the cabin is warm. you could see if sensors 7,8 & 9 change as well.

It sounds as though the drivers side may be stuck on full heat. Speaking to a Honda dealer about my heating he said the air temperature flaps were controlled by electric motors, on for each side. The drivers side motor may not be working or be diconnected from the flap. The dealer even modifed my outlet so that the air comes out over the brake pedal to improve the situation, not a complete sucess however.

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you could try 20*c- i find 22* too hot and run at 18* even with weather like it is now
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