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I have a question about the clock display. I have changed the head unit with a JVC KW-AVX820 and I have preserved the original head unit in the baggage car (I hope it writes in this way) in order to make the clock display works correctly.

Do you know if there's some interface to make it works stand-alone without to keep the original head unit? The Honda in Italy tells me there was an interface from Unicars that makes this but now the company has failed and I don't know where I can find another one.

Can anybody help me?

Moreover, sometimes the clock display has a very low illumination. I switch off the car and when I go to switch on has low illumination. It works in this way for some days and in the same way return to regular illumination.
Can it depends from some wires that goes to the baggage car? Or I have to change the display? Or is there the possibility that some pins are unsoldered?

Thanks, Matteo.
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