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Clutch Issue with Honda Civic

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Hi all Just taken 2009 Civic 2.2 diesel into Arnold Clark for clutch replacement.I appreciate that warranty does not cover wearing parts however after carrying out some research on this web site it appears that there is obviously an issue with the clutch plate. My car is out of warranty next month so hopefully Honda will rplace clutch FOC . Your thoughts ?
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Yeah it's a definate known problem, ive just had mine done under warrenty, no queries or complaints from the dealer they just did it.
I've got a 09 too and Honda replaced my clutch last month no problem, very good timing for it to go :D
Got mine replaced under warranty at Henry's for Honda at crossmyloof. You could try taking your car there. The customer service is great.
Mine also replaced under warranty. However, the replacement didn't last long either! Gave up and bought a decent one.
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