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Bought my 2008 2.2 from a local independent dealer and have to say I'm very happy. Had to change the Wing Mirror SOD but that was a cheap and easy fix thanks to this forum!

Only issue I had was the random engine cut outs when starting from very cold (freezing temps). Only happened a few times but was a concern. The car would start fine, but would sometimes cut out with an oil level warning. Would then start again fine as if nothing happened. Oil level was fine and starting wasn’t a struggle with battery.

Read elsewhere on here that an engine update from Honda fixed other issues with regards engine revs, so called the local dealer in Newcastle. Asked if I could call in and get the firmware version checked on the ECU. Was told that was fine and that they would charge £45 incl. Vat. It was done while I waited.

The invoice shows an update was put on for the PGMFI (Prog fuel injection).

It appears to have fixed the issue!! Engine even feels smoother. Would recommend.

Hope this helps...:)
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