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To clarify the recent postings, you may have noticed over the past few months a number of changes relating to the Trader and commercial sections.

This was all part of an attempt to tidy up the existing, confusing system relating to commercial posts. As it stands we had a number of Companies paying to advertise on the site, a number of competing companies advertising for free in the Traders section and a free for all of commercial postings in the Commercial posts section. This is very unusual setup and one that was causing confusion amongst existing and enquiring Traders.

The ultimate goal will be a two tier system, one comprising of Civinfo enthusiasts selling innovative, unique products and one of companies buying and selling goods for a profit and using the forum solely for commercial gain.

Any enthusiast making and selling things for a small margin and the benefit of the forum will be allowed to sell them as always. However if someone is simply buying a product from China/Alibaba etc and selling it on at a profit, this would be considered a commercial enterprise and would require a full trader account.

Obviously this will cause a bit of disruption to start with but we really want to get things tidied up so it is clear who is and isn't a proper company. There will obviously be a huge amount of discretion and understanding from the mod team as we make these changes and hopefully once they are complete those Hobbyist traders will have even greater exposure and the forum will benefit from a clutch of great unique products from enthusiastic members and financial support from those who use the forum solely for commercial gain.
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