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Really hoping I can get a little advice please...
I have a 2009 2.2cDTi EX with the standard stereo and USB and AUX ports in the console behind the handbrake and cup holders.
All has been working fine...until today. Drove an hour with no issues, stopped and went for lunch and then started the car and the stereo/clock display was completely black and had no sound out of the speakers at all. When I turned the ignition on there was a kind of boom from the speakers.
Started to drive and first the radio started playing, then the display came back and then it found the USB again. Since then it disappeared and reappeared with the booming sound from the speakers several times, until i got home and it all faded slowly, with the radio still working but will not pick up the USB at all. Tried a different USB stick and still nothing.
Can anyone please point me in some kind of direction as to where to start looking for...well I've not got a clue to be fair so any advice would be greatly appreciated. :crying:
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