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Hey guys

It's been a while since I've visited this forum. Glad to see it's still active.
In april I've switched employer and had to give back my company car (2018 CR-V 1.6 i DTEC).

In my new company I had to take a rental for a few months before I could order my car of choice. So I drove an Opel (Vauxhall) Mokka for a few months.... it was terrible!

But the twelfth of August I could finally collect my 2022 CR-V AWD hybrid in premium crystal red metallic in Executive trim. What a wonderful car! The 16th of August I already took it on holidays to the south of France. It has done over 5000km already 😎.

My previous CR-V had all sorts of small issues (markings in the tinted glass, loose exterior trim, rattles, ...). But this one has premium feel all around it! No rattles, no issues, no ... just pure fun.

I've attached a few pictures:

Automotive parking light Land vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive side marker light

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Wheel Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

Car Land vehicle Tire Wheel Vehicle

Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Car Vehicle

Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Plant

Speedometer Vehicle Steering part Automotive design Motor vehicle

Car Automotive parking light Wheel Vehicle Tire
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