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Hello Everyone,

When I am driving at 25mph, and mostly when driving on uneven roads or taking left or right turn , I can hear a sound coming from the dashboard. It is strange cause it doesn't happen every time.

Another thing which I have observed is that, it does occur after you have given the car a wash.

Its strange. It sounds like the screw holding the dashboard are loose.


I have been thru some of the solutions online. I read about the Windscreen creek.
I also seen a article online on Honda Tech line summary article ATS100303.

I haven't tried any of the solutions, I was wondering if I should take it to the showroom again and explain about the above the articles i have read on the internet.

Please recommend some solution. I closest showroom I have is in Boughty Ferry , West End Honda.


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The civic is riddled with creaks and rattles in the dash... as I'm sure you know. You'll find that as things expand and contract with different temps they will come and go.. also different road surfaces will bring out different noises.
Yours sounds like the windscreen cowel, there's an article in the 'how to' section that shows you how to deal with it.
I have found that the window to the rev counter can squeak, I got around this by pushing against it very lightly to create a gap between it and the dash, then slid a tiny piece of felt up in the gap and let the window return to its possition.
The other areas on the dash such as the 'lid' on the speedo bit can be removed and sprayed with silicone spray I think but I haven't had to do it.
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