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I am new to forums and i apologise if i have starte this off in the wrong place.
Does anyone know where the plug is to reset the Airbag (SRS) light on a 1999 (T) plate HONDA CRV Japanese Import. I think its called the OBD plug or i stand corrected.
We have looked everywhere under the dash around and under the centre consul but cannot find it anywhere, its driving us nuts and is a total mystery.
The SRS needs resetting and turning back on, i have asked at 3 local ish Honda Dealers and they all say pop it in and we will sort it out at cost.
Yet it was the dealer who set it off in the first place and will not admit it after it was serviced a year or so ago. Its been on ever since and frankly getting on my nerves now.
So if anyone can point me in the right direction i really would appreciate it..
Thanks in advance
CRV Larry
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