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Ok so I hope I'm posting this in roughly the right place. But basically I just wanted to share with you a little phone holder that I made to go in the centre console as for me this is the ideal location as it allows it to remain visible (to see an incoming call at a glance) and allows easy charging. Thought it may give others ideas etc.

I didn't really want to mount on the windscreen or anything as I'm not looking to use the phone for anything when driving.

So as part of a big bundle of accessories I bought from the mobilefun website, one of the items was a desk stand (like this one Universal Aluminium Desk and Media Desk Stand for Smartphones). This basically consists of a rubber pad that you place the phone on and it holds it in place. I was really impressed with how well it held the phone, kinda suctioning onto it, and thought it would be a good place to start making a holder for the car.

This is the rubber pad (excuse the dust):

It has a cutaway in the back where it locates onto a metal stand:

Using a few bits of scrap metal I created a stand. The piece with the holes in was originally a straight flat piece that required some careful bending! The two pieces that have the slot in them allow the width to be adjusted to properly grip in the centre console. You will notice I have also added foam pads to the ends of these to aid grip and avoid any marking.

This sits in the centre console like so:

Note that it makes use of the bit of plastic that locates the ashtray on the right hand side :)

The next step was to make this look a little more tidy, it started with a bit of PVC L-section that I cut and filed little by little to fit:

I then superglued a piece of foam onto the front edge of this so that it locates snuggly with the metal and prevents vibration:

As you can see this fits very nicely and makes it look much tidier:

The final stage of course is to locate the rubber pad onto the stand, the metal is a snug fit into the slot and holds it on firmly:

I hope you'll agree it looks quite neat and provides a nice place to rest your phone. I would show how the phone sits on top of this but I was using it to take the photos!

The other nice thing is that after a bit of fiddling when making the metal part I got it to a height where (when phone removed) the centre console cover will still slide all the way closed without having to remove the holder:

Hope someone finds this interesting or helpful, thought it was something different that I hadn't seen people doing before :)
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