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I've read up and down these forums and as far as I can tell, nobody has answered the questions I'm proposing so I'll see if asking directly helps.

As many of you know the MKi blue box comes with an integrated amplifier to drive the speakers when you're using any of the parrot boxes functions, and to be honest, its not fantastic.

Prior to owning a Civic I had a Jazz which had an aux in (my civic does too, more on that later). To get around the problem of the amplifier in the blue box, Parrot rather kindly provide an un-amplified line out from the box, I've seen people wondering what the few wires left spare are for, this is them. Using the pinouts on the back of the head of the Jazz, I fitted a connector and wired this directly into where the cable for the aux in port connects.

No doubt a few of you have seen where this is going. I'd like to do the same in the civic, however the civic has three rather big chunky connectors and I've been having quite a headache trying to work out which connector (B or C) I should tap into, and then which pins I should connect it via. The messy way of doing this is wire a 3.5mm jack onto the end of the audio leads and just pass it in through the aux jack in the storage box.

I realised this was a difficult idea when I ran up a car audio fitter and they didn't know if it was possible (I mainly rang up to see if they could do it, I'm 99% sure it can be done)

I'm aware that I'd have to have the stereo set to aux input in order to use the parrot kit, but I feel thats a suitable tradeoff to make in favour of far superior audio quality.

Anyone with any advice or pointers would be welcome and well received!

As a final note, anyone with a Parrot kit, if you're experiencing questionable audio quality, have a look and turn off the EQ and audio enhancements, in my opinion these should have been off by default.

As a further note, anyone who has the pin out schematics for the rear of the standard honda stereo unit would be very useful. Specifically connector B since I transpose that this is where I'll be connecting the aux jack to.
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