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Hi all,

Fresh CIVIC owner here! :nerd:
Last week I got my FK2 R18A2. Finally old dream came true.
I will drive it daily, no super duper projects, only basic stuff will be repair or updated to keep this car cared.
I hope to use this thread as diary what kind of stuff was done.

Here is some photos from seller
Honda Civic by Mant3lis | Photobucket

Problems that car had before (checked in honda service):
1. Rusty roof
2. Not working A/C
3. Small suspenssion problems
4. Upper strut mount problems
5. Rusty exhaust resonator
5. Some plastic above wheels not fit
6. Front plastic (with Honda sign) holders broken and moving a little bit
7. Lamp washers not working.

Hope I will get some jobs done asap. But my wedding in three weeks so budget drained, because this purchase was planned later, but couldn't resist for this quality and price option I found suddenly. >:)
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