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does anyone know how much reliance the various dash bits are on the factory (connect) headunit?
assuming i cant get audio resume working (in another thread), then i'll likely end up with a new HU. based off connect2 website, i'll be lucky to get even half of the various features to continue to work.

i know i'll lose/need a conversion for the following (assuming a conversion box is available)
HFT mic & steering wheel controls
Reverse camera video feed
DSP/premium audio additional boxes
steering wheel controls (connect2 will doesnt have a Honda Connect cable, so i'll likely loose the iMid control)
various antennas (GPS, FM, DAB)

i'm unsure of the following:
iMid - is it driven off the HU, or as a standalone unit? (and along with it goes the non-audio features like mpg, engine temps, traffic sign alerts)
reverse camera dynamic lane guides (steering angle sensor)?
external connectivity in armwrest; HDMI & USB specifically? i'm pretty sure i'd loose these.

is there anything i've missed?
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