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Hi All,

I am new to this forum and joined asking for some help please? I have an 2008 Civic 1.8 so nothing major, just a cheap car to work and back in. I have been looking reading through lots of different faults before deciding to post as mine appears to be silighty different.

When the engine is started the instrument cluster and the centre dash (Not the upper dash instruments) loose total power, the main cluster drops away and then works again as if the ignition has just been switched on again.

Ive tested the battery, the alternator and all fuses and all appear to be in good working order even with a good drain on the battery. this only does fit when the vehicle is running which would surged an alternator issue but if that's the case why do the lights not dim or the upper dash instruments not go out also? the stereo also continues to play as normal as doesn't seem to be affected at all.

I am baffled which is why I am asking for some help please? Any help would be very much appreciated. Im not sure how to add a video to show so I've taken a few screen shots to show.

Many thanks

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