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Before I had to disassemble my dashboard to fix another issue , my 2007 Civic 4DR standard issue radio would play / audio ONLY on passenger side right front - RF.

I fixed the other problem and now I am ready to take a look at the radio.

From noticing this ( I generally do no play radio while driving ) this has been an intermittent problem.

Last time the radio was powered up , the display and scan work fine , but there was NO audio on ANY speaker. Fiddling with "balance " etc did not help.

Now I have read stuff about running "diagnostics" on radio , but that has nothing to do with actual radio , just making sure LCD works. Which it does.

Yes, I did put in the "code" and I can get the radio to "scan" , but no audio.
I have 4000 pages + "manual" but no wiring diagram for radio.

Any reasonable suggestion(s) , beside "get a new one" would be appreciated.
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