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Saturday 28th February 2015 - installation day for AT at TDi.
Arrived within 50 metres at 09:02 - SatNav failed to register all of the closed access routes!!
09:20 car left with TDi - me in Reception trying not to be my usual 'Curious George' character!!
16:30 the installation was complete, then their test-drive.
I didn't get the keys until after 17:10.
TDi recognised the bite point was 'right on the floor' - combined thickness thinner than standard Honda with DMF - so adjusted it.
My DMF was stuffed, my friction plate was lightly worn, but of little further use, as I had a new one installed.
My pressure plate wasn't at its best.

1. Sound seems a little harder, but no louder.
2. Bite is smooth - if anything smoother than before.
3. Pedal pressure - I would say perhaps 30-40% harder. It's heavy, but bearable.
4. Driveability - very nice - I would say allowing for the heavier pedal, its better than standard.
OVERALL: Happy days - gearchange is as smooth as ever, bite is not brutal (natural feel - agreed).

No need for a daily update.
I'll comment further after one week.
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