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Finally! Pity about the ball-busting price of €28,000 though. No idea what spec level you get for that money either, but I would suspect its ES without sat nav. No information on the Irish Honda website yet either.

This has only happened since the government changed tax rates here to massively favour low co2 (i.e. mostly diesel) cars. Our old tax system was based on nothing but cubic capacity, meaning Honda would have sold about 4 2.2 litre diesel Civics here ;) You would have had to pay about €700 per annum to tax a 2.2 Civic under the old system. Only €150 on the new one.

The 1.4 and 1.8 petrol civics did fare rather well out of this too though, as their emissions are quite low so they're now cheaper to import and tax than they used to be.
Pity the type R though, that goes from about €550 per yer to €1000, as well as having its purchase price bumped up by the co2-influenced vehicle registration tax.
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