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From PBliss:
Autosmart G101 is a highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaner, and should thus always be diluted to an appropriate strength before use. For general cleaning duties it should be diluted 30:1 (water to product), while for more intensive degreasing duties it should be diluted 8:1 (water to product). Autosmart G101 may also be used for wheel cleaning and synthetic sealant removal duties; in such cases it should be diluted 5:1 (water to product) and spot tested before use. In all cases, an appropriately diluted solution should be sprayed directly onto the surface to be cleaned and then agitated thoroughly with suitable detailing brushes before being fully rinsed off. Ensure that you never allow Autosmart G101 to dry out fully before it is rinsed off, otherwise permanent staining may occur.
Personally I now use Sainsburys APC and use it neat around the wheel arches
IPA..Dilute with 20% water
Bilberry WC ..Neat
Iron X .. Neat
Hope this helps
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