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I just changed to Direct Line in October 2011 and had reason to claim on my insurance in February 2012.
I had made the schoolboy error of not leaving the car in gear (and of not putting the handbrake on tight) on my sloping driveway. The result was, as the brakes cooled, the car rolled down the drive about its own length and ground to a stop along the brick wall of the house.
The front bumper was scraped, as was the plastic wheel arch and the plastic sill, along with the mirror shell and a patch on the rear door and rear wheel arch.
I got the repair priced by the Honda dealer at £1100, which decided me not to pay for it myself.
Called Direct Line and they dealt with the claim completely over the phone and accepted it without any quibble.
The repair company phoned me within two hours to arrange pick-up of the car and the rental company phoned just after that to arrange the complementary hire car.
My car was uplifted by transporter to their large repair premises to the east of Glasgow and the repair completed in 10 days.
(There was about 10 days wait for pick-up because they had been inundated with work resulting from the December storms here in Scotland.)

They had sprayed the complete side of the car, replaced all the plastics, including the front grey grill that I hadn't even noticed was damaged.
The car looks completely pristine on the repaired side and the paint match is perfect.

All in all, great service by Direct Line when a claim was made.
And that, I think, is the most important function an insurance company can supply.
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I hope DL are starting to learn.

For the last 3 years they have tried to increase my car premium by between 66% and 75%. On all occasions I've phoned and told them I'm off unless they drop the quote. They always have.

This year my house buildings and contents came up and they wanted almost £800! All the companies listed by Which? as recommended providers were quoting circa £200 - £400 = I moved.
Shortly afterwards I got an email questionnaire asking why, so I told them loyalty has worn thin when they try to increase the premium by 75% when I haven't claimed since 1987 and that was only to have a few ridge tiles re-cemented after the storm. I also mentioned that my car insurance would go the same way if they tried that trick again.

Surprise surprise, this years quote is £60 less than I paid last year and about the same as the other companies when I opt in as a new customer.
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