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I'm trying to install an aftermarket unit in my civic. I have the full connects2 KIT.
As the radio I bought didn't incliude a premade ISO connector, for the ISO connector containing the power wires I had to solder them.

When I connected the radio it seemed to be working, but the Auto headlight was always on. I disconneected the connectors wires from the car female connectors and remove the headlight connector from the radio.

When I plugin the connectors again to the car, the car display was flickering (the one where AC info is shown).

So I soldered again the headlight connector and put termoretractil tube around all solder joints.

I plugged the radio again to the car and the car display wasn't flickering at start, but a few seconds later it was flickering again....

Why is this happening? Maybe some wire I soldered is bad connected? I need help, i'm quite lost

When the display is flickering I only see the date (resetted) and when I turn on the AC it isn't shown.

Also the connects2 stalk adapter gets a bit hot
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