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i'm sure it can be made for any caliper that allows the dust seal to be replaced without removing the piston, but here's what I've done for the 9G ATE/Teves rear caliper seal. caliper remains on the car.

take one 54mm hole saw. depth must be bigger than the seal your fitting, but also shallow enough to fit into the caliper with your chosen tool.

Sorry about it blurry - looked clear on my phone!

cut the teeth off it so you have a flat surface to sit against the seal. angle grinder with cutting disc worked for me. hand file to take off any sharp edges.

perfect match with seal! note that the outer diameters are matched. the Teves caliper casting on the 9G wont allow for anything bigger plus you run the risk of damaging the seal. for reference, the seal takes about 2/3rds depth of my donor hole saw

I didnt take any pictures on the car. been a wet morning so just wanted to get the job done without getting too wet.

basically fitted dust seal to piston, and wound piston back far enough so it wouldnt bottom out on the modded hole saw.
placed tool up to seal & aligned seal to its home on the caliper. rubber hammer and drift to tap on the tool - tap tap tap. done!

hope that helps others. i couldnt find any cheap easy solution online, and certainly nothing off the shelf so DIY it was!

a side note for 9G caliper (probably 8g too), replace the h/brake cable bracket bolt with a longer ** bolt. PITA getting the threads started on the original bolt.
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