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diy footwell lights, cannot find the molex

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i saw the how to thread about this subject but i have no white molex , i cannot find the correct wires in the tutorial also.
i located only blue molex and behind him there are white molex.just it!
the car is LHS and i think this is the key...


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you could wire direct to the glove box light same as i did....
Which way are you wiring them in?? I presume from your photos that you want them to come on with the interior lights then go off when they dim and that your following this HOW TO:
The plug your after should be up the side of the fuse panel somewhere. On the right hand drive cars it is on the outer side of the panel, between panel and end of dash. Its quite fiddly to get too and there isn't too much slack in the wires either.
found it.
its the blue molex in the second picture, you need to disconect it to assamble the wires.
huge thanks to ibanezguy
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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